ABA Speech Podcast Features Director Kristen Colyer on Episode #99: Early Intervention and ABA

Kristen sat down with host and speech language pathologist, Rose Griffin, for a 30-minute conversation on what it’s like to start Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services at the Infinity Center.

To listen to the full podcast, visit Episode #099: Early Intervention and ABA with Kristen Colyer | ABA Speech

Kristen shared how the Infinity Center supports parents and their children after receiving an autism diagnosis. We start by interviewing the parent(s) to learn more about their child. We also answer questions they might have, as well as put their minds at ease by addressing any fears. Parents are the best reporters for young children with limited communication skills.

“The person who spends the most time with the child is the most important person we can talk to,” Kristen said.

Next, the child will join for an additional interview with the parent. Finally, the Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the child will engage in play therapy.

The Infinity Center offers bi-monthly parent training that is often covered by insurance. In these trainings, they review what’s happening in therapy, therapy goals, and how therapy activities can translate to at-home activities.

Learning and receiving therapy through play is very important and effective. Kristen shares a few of her favorite and popular toys for therapy sessions. She says children often gravitate towards cause-and-effect play. Favorites for these include the Melissa and Doug Wooden Ball Tower and the classic Jack-in-the-Box. They also play Mr. Potato Head and the Shoebox game, based on BCBA Mary Barbera’s book and courses.

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