Meet Kacey, Billing Coordinator

Meet Kacey, Billing Coordinator for Humanim’s newest program – the Infinity Center for Behavior Services (ICBS). She is also a part of Humanim’s Finance team and a strong advocate for families. Kacey is a relative newcomer to Humanim–she’s been on the team for just six months.

Kacey is responsible for obtaining billing authorization for all of the services provided to families, and for ensuring that all billing is accurate and timely. As the first person most families meet when they begin their journey with ICBS, she enjoys the opportunity to set a welcoming and supportive tone.

Though many people would dread dealing with insurance issues, Kacey loves being able to advocate to the family’s insurance companies in regard to helping the family receive medically necessary services.

She is quick to add that billing is “honestly just a small part of what I do because I truly am a part of everything, which is what I love about my job!”

After being a stay-at-home mom for a few years, in 2019 Kacey started working in the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) field.

“I decided at that time in my life that I wanted to show my daughter that anyone can truly do it all and be a superhero. I just fell in love with ABA and working with families and knew this was the field for me. Since then, I have learned so much about the field and continue to learn more every day.”

A busy mom to a 5 year-old daughter and a 1-year old son, she soon returned to school to get her Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. She says, “It was a very hard decision for me to go back to school and work and not be with my daughter every day, but in the end, it was worth it. The experience has taught her and me so much!”

In her spare time Kacey loves going to arcades, crafting, watching Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Marvel, and Pixar! “I have a slight obsession with all things Marvel, but I have a HUGE obsession with Spiderman,” a love shared by her husband and children.

Kacey takes to heart this quote from Voltaire: “With great power comes great responsibility,” something she strives to demonstrate in her day-to-day work.

“I love being able to use my experiences and knowledge in the ABA industry to help families be able to afford and receive the help that their child needs. I also love being a part of the finance team and I continue to learn stuff every day from them–they are truly an amazing team to work with!”